Hot Toys The Storm Riders 1/6 scale Cloud (Comic Version) Figure

To commemorate cartoonist Ma Wing Shing's 25th anniversary of Fung Wun aka Storm Riders or Feng Yun, Hot Toys presents a 1/6 scale of it's protagonist Striding Cloud(Bu Jing Yun) one of the main character in the story.

Unlike the previous release by Enterbay, this is latest version of the character look in the comic where Bu JingYun hair has been White after he has taken the Dragon pill sometime ago. He also seems to have a new scar on his face.

I was the earlier fan of the comic but have not been reading since a couple of years back due to the storyline.
Hot toys had given this figure rubber arms that hide the joint which is a good choice since Bu JingYun has a tattoo. Personally I find the tattoo a bit small compare to the comic. Then again maybe in the comic his arms are getting bigger. I don't know. :)

Here are some of the details of the costume as now the character put his sword at the back of his waist. Previously it was always on his back.

Somehow the sword 绝世好剑 seems to have a new design. Maybe an advancement upgrade in the comic. I never follow.

There will be two version of this figure as one will be as a limited edition for members and it will be limited to 250 pieces only show in the photo below.

The Limited Edition will has different in costume and special effect add on with different colors. As the information I gotten, the limited edition is HKD$1480 and the normal version is HKD $1380.

Here is the normal version with all it's accessories.

If you are a comic fan of the recent series, you should get this figure. As for me, I am old school and happy with a smaller version I owned from Enterbay for Bu Jing Yun and Nei Feng. :)


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