Hot Toys at STGCC 2013

This year STGCC many toy collectors having their eyes on some Hot Toys exclusive and some queue up over night just to get what they wanted. Here is a walk through of what Hot Toys are having at STGCC 2013.

One of the exclusive is Iron Man Mark XXI and they made it as the main attraction at Hot toys booth

Here is the 1:1 scale which good for visitor to take photo with.

Hot Toys has creativity done some effect of Hologram projection of their Iron Man toys.

The same animation was done one 3 sides of the toys with good timing on lightnings. It amazed many visitors.

The Hall of Armor of Iron Man 3 is awesome as it is 1:1 and I decided beside giving you some good photos of the Armor details, I have capture it in video as well for those who cannot make it to the event.

Here are the details of the Iron Man suit starting with Mark I.

Mark II

That's all for 1:1 Iron Man suit.

Now for Superman!!

Kal-El by Russell crowe. Did you notice the Batman logo in the S logo?

General Zod

Storm shadow from G.I.Joe

RoadBlock from G.I.Joe by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

There is a grand display of Thor 2 too.

There was a display of a Lunch meeting of the Avengers chaired by Captain Amercia

Hawkeye taking notes...

Thor and Tony fighting over fries...

Dr. Bruce having some thoughts most likely dreaming away...

Black widow thinking of shopping.

Well that's all for Hot Toys sections for my summary. More on other later.


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