Hasbro Warehouse Sales 2013 Day 1

Hi, fellow Open The Toy readers

I’m Mr. B (apologies as I do not wish to disclose my name) and volunteered for OTT on a trip to Hasbro Warehouse Sale happening from 2-4 August 2013 at Bishan Community Centre. As some of you remembered, the same sale happened at the same venue 2 years ago. It was an unforgettable trip/experience for most who went to the sale with the rampage of toys from the boxes that are not placed properly yet and etc.

How does this warehouse sale fare for the first day? I made my way down to Bishan Community Centre in the early morning (earlier than students going to school & others going to work). I managed to get a glimpse of what is available and the situation before more people come to queue.
NERF gun in sight and the Dark of the Moon Leader Class Bumblebee. I hope this went to a collector rather than a seller

By 8am+ onwards, the queue is forming longer and longer and no words can describe except the following pictures of the queue.

There were a no. of people who got VIP pass by personal means and get to go into the sale hall at 9am; very few early-birds in the normal/non-VIP queue as of the time this picture was taken. I’m not one of the fortunate ones with VIP pass thus I have to wait till 11am (open to public) to go in and grab some toys.

Looking at the ‘VIPs’ getting the toys in sight and searching left and right

The normal queue gets longer and longer as the time to go in gets nearer and nearer.

My turn to go into the hall has arrived and I was scrambling (yes, scrambling….but as a collector/buyer, not a seller) for the toys which are available. It was the same crowd-capacity environment as the previous warehouse sale.

Sad to say, toys with missing parts are unavoidable at the sale and what saddens me is the parents buy these toys for their children despite the missing parts.

Looking on the bright side, there were Star Wars, NERF guns and etc. available after the VIPs got their share. It’s definitely wonderful for the children who could only make it to the sale at a later time.

With much toys-grabbing comes long payment queue, A total of 4 cashier counters were in sight to assist in easing the traffic and the waiting time. My road to payment was smooth and done within short time.

When I went back to the hall for a hopeful second round of toy shopping around 5pm. I saw the closing notice for the day due to low stock as they may have stock allocation for the rest of 2 days.

What I benefited from this warehouse sale is getting a pair of NERF Mavericks selling at very great discount! This is the only toy, which attracted me to buy as it was most worth it in my opinion not to mention the VIP pass holder probably took most of the good toys which I have no chance to get.

Overall, this warehouse sale is not for the weak-hearted and late-comers as scalpers and ‘kiasu’ people are bound to be there.

What disgusted me the most is the action of grabbing from incoming stock-boxes. This is nothing new compared to the previous Hasbro Warehouse Sale but it is getting worse this time. The worst grabbing incident is a man fall down after a few attempts to get a toy from a particular incoming replenished stock.I failed to take any pictures or videos of scalping/grabbing from boxes in action while I was busy to get some toys from the incoming stock replenish.

I hope everyone who went down to the sale today had a great time and as for those who are going to the sale over the weekends to try to have fun too.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Open The Toy for publishing this post of my trip to this year’s Hasbro Warehouse Sale and it’s an honour to be a guest writer for this event.

Mr. B!

PS: if you are thinking of going to warehouse sales, here maybe something you need to know


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