Comet Captain Future Flying Glider

Here is another vintage flying Glider and it is an old anime spaceship in the 1970s named Captain Future.

Although I cannot recall all the episode but I remember Captain Future in Chinese as it was telecast in Mandarin in Singapore back in the early 1980s. Here is a video of it.

I love this spaceship and thus I bought this toy. Now time to Open the Toy!!

Here are parts of the spaceship toys.

My heart sunk when I realized the obvious broken part at it tails.

The worst part was the broke parts was not found in packaging!! That mean it was already broken when was put inside the packaging and sealed it.

Another disappointment was the actual toy look so different from the actual drawing. I understand that this is a 2D visual but really looking at the toy plane, one may not know it was the Captain Future spaceship.

Nonetheless, I am thankful to have be reminded of this fond childhood memory of this Captain Future.

Did you watched this anime before too?


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