Transformers Rescue Bots Heatwave

I never thought I will be getting any Rescue Bots from Transformers series from Hasbro until my son watches some episode on youtube and he grow to love the series.

Hasbro certainly did a great job in introducing the simple show to the kids. My son even know how to sing the song... It is inevitable that I will be getting some Rescue bots for him and so I did.

Heatwave which is a fire fighter Autobots.

Now I need to say this toy series I got was for the younger kids under Playskool Heroes series.

As this is for young kids, this cannot be transformed which is good in a way as I always have request from my young son to transform the Transformers toy for him to play.

In the whole series of this series, there are four Autobots.

Time to Open the Toy!!

Out of packaging the Heatwave figurine look great. As a fire fighter, he is armed with an Axe.

As the back is the ladder of the fire engine.

Close up for the view of the head

The hands can be lifted

And both of his arms can be widen to a certain angle.

The legs however has no articulation. I guess they are going for balance and stability of the figures which if the figure is not properly balance may be frustrated to them. You can see hasbro trademark on the back of the legs.

Overall this figure is quite safe and children friendly.

The price for this is affordable too. Maybe I will get the rest for him... if he behave. LOL


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