SOC GX-63 Shogun Franky Preview

If you are a fan of One Piece anime or Manga, you will notice during the battle of the mermaid, Franky showing off his invention of the number 4 and 5 machine in The Thousand Sunny.

Franky pilot the Kurosai FR-U4 IV Motorbike.

While Tony Tony Chopper commander of Brachio Tank V while the marksman Usopp in-charge of firing the cannon (but he is not with this toy).

The best part was the 4 and 5 can combine into a giant robot General or Shogun Franky and this toy with diecast parts are able to do that.

In Robot mode, it is fully poseable and it tower at the height of 230mm.

Just like in the Anime, it comes with a big samurai sword.

And you can open the cockpit and see Franky inside.

This Chogokin will be releasing in October 2013 and at the list price of 26,250 Yen.
There are not many Diecast stuff in One pieces and this truly make sense as in the story these are really heavy metal parts.
So for collector and fans of One piece, if you have the budget, get this.


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