Random Dragon Quest Monsters 2

Dragon Quest has many Monsters and on my previous review I shared some Random Monsters. I decided to share more random Monster toy from the Dragon Quest series.

To be honest, I do not know them well as names as those version I used to play were in Japanese. 

First it is Pizzaro

Basically this monster has two heads.

You have a Monster that uses Magic. The figure comes with colourful costume and very detail magic staff.

Now a more raw power monster which hold a big club as a weapon. The monster seem to give an hungry expression.

This red monster although as their wings but looking at the size, it maybe no lift it up for long flight.

Finally the last boss of Dragon Quest VII, Orgo Demila

The coloring and details on it's back look really good.

These are some colourful monster from Dragon Quest series just to share with you.

Hope you have enjoyed it.


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