McDonalds Minion Stuart light up Grabber

Much was discuss on the love of Despicable me minions and for the substitution, I head over to McDonald's to get my fix of Minion for a Happy Meal. I bought this as I am currently in Bangkok. So here is Stuart, the one eye cute minion.

It comes with this simple packaging with the instruction sheet of what to expect with this toy.

Out of package, this minion have no issue standing on it's own regardless of his small feet.

A close up on his eye. This shot is cute.

On the side you can see his extended hands and protruding goggle.

On the top view, you can see the cute neat hair being combed. So cute!

Here is how it light up as the light bulb is in his head area.

At the back view, you can see the ON OFF switch for the light up feature and the button for you to press and open his arms.

Then Stuart will do a arm grabbing action or to me the "When you happy and you know it clap your hands" action. LOL

I cannot say it is a good feature of grabbing as the grip was not there for his arms. Here is one instant he managed to grab on the table lamp.

Overall it is a fun toy that look great. I may be getting more of these minions from McDonalds for fun.


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