McDonalds Evil Minion Chomper

Meet one of the two Evil Minions from McDonalds Happy Meal series. If you  are wondering why I got this so fast in Singapore, I did not. I got this in Bangkok while I was there. McDonalds having the promotion a week or more earlier than Singapore.

Out the packaging, Evil minion is really unique with his real hair.

Unfortunately, the hair although life like, it constantly shedding from his head.

Close up look on Evil Minion.

At the back of his head was a spring connector for you to initiate the chomping action .

All you need to do is to press gently on the back and the mouth will open up.

When you let go, the head will lower down to the original position

Now let's have some fun with him and let him start chomping on a coin. Oh money money money!!

Minion will you be so kind to hold my spoon for me? LOL

Now a Fries for you. Nom Nom Nom

Another fun feature is the hair which you can style it. Here's the back comb...

Here's Albert Einstein Style.

Upside down style!

Super Saiyan Style!!

Elton john Style

Okay I think Evil Minion is getting really upset styling his hair...

Okay Evil Minion is tired now. Go to sleep!

Good Night!


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