Hottoys The Crow Brandon Lee is coming

I was a fan of The Crow almost 20 years ago when I saw the movie and read the comic. I have one 6 inches figure of The Crow too.

It was exciting to hear Hot toys will be releasing the same character in 1/6 scale figure in January 2014.

The figure comes with the leather coat .

The face they chosen was the vengeance look on Eric Draven. You can even see the ring that he wore from his dead fiancée Shirley.

The figure will comes with a flying pose Crow, Guitar and 3 set so of hands.

For those in Hong Kong 15th ACGHK and put up for the pre-order, you will include one (1) weather vane as bonus accessory. Yes that was the weapon on the church rooftop in the movie.

The pricing was HKD $1,380 in the retail to be.

If you are fan of Brandon Lee the Crow, this is a good figure to get. Although there could be a possibility that they make this to a DX with more head change, rolling eyes and other costume or even speakers for the Guitar. Well I am just thinking aloud. :)


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