Despicable Me 2 pricing in Singapore

When I was in Australia just a week ago, I saw in ToyRus Australia selling Despicable Me 2 minions. Although I was tempted to get, my luggage space is limited as the minions I want to get is not that small.

I gave it a pass hoping that in Singapore they will have the same goods. When I was back, I searched for it. Thanks to my readers in Facebook who update me with news. I was told it is actually on sale in ToyRus Singapore. I was overjoyed but sadly it was short lived as I was told the same Minion was selling about 2 times of Australia pricing and worst more than 2 times of US pricing.

Here is a screenshot of both US and SG website, You may zoom in to take a look.

This was selling around AUD$69.99 and in US was USD$34.90! In retail Singapore it was selling SGD$119.90!!

There is an collector minion edition selling SGD$179.95.

US website selling USD$59.90 for the same collector edition.

Even a plushie of Minion is selling more than SGD$100!!

Looking at the Monster University plush of the same size, Monster U was $49.90 while Minion Dave is $109.90. What is the logic?

This in Australia was selling AUD $9.90..

The mini figures in pack selling at $44.90 as a set.

Smaller plush minion in set at $69.90.

Mini Figurines of the characters in the movie selling at $59.95.

I will not say more but I let this sharing for you information and I know when coming to loving the toys, price may not be an issue. There is no judging of what you are willing to pay. This is just to share what other places are selling and there may be some reason why some is selling more than 50% of what is selling back in US.

End of the day, consumer has the right to choose if they want to pay the price of the goods.

With the pricing officially, I doubt any Despicable reselling market like mcdonalds Hello kitty craze in Singapore would be.


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