Bandai Ultra-EG Zetton

The monster Egg continue from Ultraman series and this time it is all time known Mosters, Zetton.

Zetton crossed path with various Ultraman and he is one strong villain. This toy allow the transforming of Egg to Monster form.

Compare to the Redking, Zetton egg look more outstanding as more insect like.
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I love the color of Zetton as it has good contrast using Black, White and Orange yellow.

The transformation started with flipping of his legs on the back of the egg...

Soon the feet will be extended and you need to flip the chest piece out where the head of Zetton will be hiding inside.

The head has good detail of Zetton as we know it.

As for the arms, here are their only articulation. It is rather limited

Warning from the instruction is that you should not force the arms or legs to move in certain direction. I guess it is a common thing the designer expect most people will do. So you have been warned.

From the side, the back of Zetton is rather flat but still the figure can balance itself well.

At the left leg, there was a logo.

To be honest, as great as Zetton look in colors and shape of the figure, there isn't much articulation as Redking...

Nonetheless for Ultraman fans, Zetton will be one important character you got to have looking at the Ultraman timeline and history.

Meanwhile my Ultraman made another discovery...

* His last experience here.

Oh Ultraman, when will you ever learned not to pick up eggs?

Time for Zetton to have his lunch... feeding on nectar. :D

Okay I am not certain if he do feed Nectar but he seems to like it. LOL

There are many more of Ultraman characters in this Ultra-EG series and it would be selling at Singapore retail in August.


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