Bandai Ultra-EG Redking

Something is cooking from Bandai and it's Ultra Egg from the Ultraman series.

I have often wonder where Ultraman monster came from. Many of the time they travel as an egg form as a meteorite crashing to earth. So it make sense to have Egg form monsters.

Here is Red King. If you have watched Ultraman series, this monster may not be stranger to you.

The fun of this series was the transformation of Egg form to monster form.

Every packet will come with their own instruction in English and Chinese. If you are wondering why it was not in Japanese, this series is under Bandai asia which is located in Hongkong.

If you are wondering the size of this egg, this picture should give you a example.
I noticed that the egg comes with a logo on Red King.

Now let's talk about the transformation as it started with an Egg. You first pull out it's tail.

Only then you can pop his head out...

Now you can transformed his arms and legs from each side and it should be able to stand but somehow it does not stand up straight...

That is because you need to extend it's tail to be a support...

A close up on the head of the RedKing and the details are there. It look friendly as it is target for kids.

I have to say this series come as a surprise. Who would imagine the monster comes in a egg form?

Even Ultraman did not see that coming! LOL

This series will be releasing in the beginning of August in Singapore. In this toy series, there are not only Monsters but Ultraman too! But of course most of them are popular monsters in the Ultraman series.

After this review, my son is having a good time with it. It just love transforming from egg to Monsters and Monster to Egg. 


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