Magneto Megabloks

Following up on Sandman Megabloks review, my second blind pack for Megabloks Marvel series 3 is Magneto!

It was a consolation to have Magneto compare to Sandman. It's a personal preference since Magneto is one of the major villain in X-men. Here is the close up on the detail of Magneto face.

Magneto main weapon was to control any metal using his Metallic field power. For this toy, they gave him a shield which I do think it has much use.

Since they gave him this shield, I tired to put it on the sole if his feet to make him float or surfing the waves.

Overall this Magneto is true to the comic but the accessory with a metal shield seems quite out of place in my personal opinion. I don't think he need that.

Magneto make the second Megabloks Marvel character that I have. Great. All villains...

Here's what Sandman has to say to Magneto.

Well Sandman cannot do much to Magneto too I guess. LOL


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