Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Yes I am going to review the Iron Man 3 and I have to say this is the best Iron Man movie so far. There will some Spoilers ahead and if you want to experience the first hand of the movie yourself, please turn back now. I will however review the characters in the movie and keep the plot as bare minimal as possible.

Tony Stark
After the Aliens attack the world in The Avengers, Tony felt much insecurity and is spending most of his days gear up for further threats. As we all know the latest suit is Mark XLII which is Mark 42, you can imagine how many suits he had since built.

In this movie, you get to see a down to earth side of Tony as he faced limitation of his resources and left with his talents and wit to tap to whatever he can get his hands on.

The question of what is he without the armor was truly tested. He succeed to win me over at the end of the movie of his sacrifices and deeds.

In the movie, Tony called himself a mechanic but somehow he managed to formulate DNA successful construct and even did some awesome crime scene investigation...Hm...

Pepper the Prefect Woman
In the movie, Tony said Pepper his girl friend whom stood by him since the first Iron Man movie is a prefect woman. I wouldn't agree more for the following (Spoiler alert)

1. Able to take it well when she met another woman who was a one night stand with Tony
2. Went further as a friend  to that woman to encourage her even thought it was her who play apart of destroying Tony's house and injured him.
3. Able to shield and stand by for Tony through out the movie without throwing any temper to Tony.
4. Able to kick villain's asses and finish the his man job
5. Never really scream and cried like a weak woman in most Super hero movies
6. Totally cool and never loses her temper with Tony of the following
  • Supposed to have a dinner date but her boyfriend started dinner without her
  • when she communicating with him, his mind was at other places doing other stuff and what she was interacting was a empty shell
  • Met one of the one night stand woman in Tony's house and never gave Tony a cold shoulder
Tell me how prefect woman is this girl friend guys?

Iron Patriot
Iron Man was not alone in Iron Man 2 as he has a War Machine on his side (although War Machine doesn't do much). Somehow the US government decided to repaint and rename the suit under US military to be  Iron Patriot having Red, White and Blue theme.

In the comic, Iron Patriot has to do with Iron Man and Captain Amercia but in the movie, it is just a repaint and repackaging.

They spent the time repainting but left the security of the suit out. That mean this suit do not have any verification of the pilot which should be the most important part.

Anyway I do not think James Rhodes (pilot of Iron Patriot) need the suit as he preform much better without it.

The Mandarin
Played by a great actor Ben Kingsley. The Mandarin is a terrorist leader who called himself as the teacher .

In the movie you will see a lot of terrorist videos and most of the videos were well edited to give an impression how ruthless he is. Well edited video makes wonders. ;) No spoiler here.

The Iron Men
If the latest Iron Man suit was Mark 42, just imagine how many suits he got. This should not be a spoiler as in trailers you got to see most of it. Tony's preparation was more for threat from Aliens but in time for emergency everything goes.

How to have a Happy ending
Now if a man need to ask forgiveness to reconcile in any relationship (obviously Tony did pissed off his girl), the one thing he can do to show his sincerity to remove those things that always stand in the way of her. In this case, it was Tony's armor suit. You can see how happy she is when she saw the suits does the fireworks.

It's okay. Tony is Iron Man and he is rich. He can do better one in time to come. Woman would say that man are like Leopard who never change their spots. Good luck for changing man. :)

Doctor Who?
Bonus of the show would be after the ending credits. Tony is opening up himself to a doctor and started to share his most deepest secrets to the Doctor. It get so boring that he felt asleep. Better asleep than pissing him off I say. Or maybe that was what Tony is going for. :)

I highly recommend this movie as to me, this is the best of the trilogy and it is rare to have the best at the last  even without a strong villain. Maybe it has to do with the number of Iron Man in this movie or should I say Iron Men?

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