Hello Kitty x tokidoki Wonderland is here

Finally the cross over of Hello Kitty x tokidoki wonderland limited edition is here at Singapore 7eleven outlet!

This offer are currently on from 27 March 2013 to 4 June 2013. All you need to do is to get 6 stamps plus a payment of SGD$3.90 to get one of these figure that is in a form of keychain.

You have to first have one of these tickets to get your stamp on it. You will be getting a stamp if you get a value of SGD$4 of any purchases.

There are total of 10 designs to collect them all. Here are each of the design.

Here is Cow kitty which is a Hello Kitty in a Cow costume.

Mini Cactus kitty which comes with a milk bowl. Pretty cute!

Hello Kitty getting a Scooter Ride.

Sunshine Kitty to brighten your day.

Cactus Kitty making a call on a mobile phone with a Yellow apple on it's head.

Rocket Kitty blasting off in a rocket.

Unicorn Kitty which the unicorn is one of the last tokidoki unicorn series which I had a Metal unicorn

Apple Kitty where the Apples have sharp teeth.

The most lady like Kitty in pink and sweet, Ciao Kitty!!

Love is in the air with Cupid Kitty. Kitty shoot!

If you are a Hello Kitty or Tokidoki fans. this is one series you can get only at 7-eleven outlet in Singapore for the limited time only. They are cute and stylish I must say. :)

Go collect it!


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