G.I.Joe Sand Viper

In the team of Cobra, here is Sand Viper from Valor vs Venom series.

Sand Viper is Desert unit specially to operate in the dry and hot extreme environment.

I love the Sand Viper outfit with black and brown team. I bet the uniform keep them cool and warm in the extreme weather of the desert. While the Red symbol of Cobra are right at their chest. A good way for G.I.Joe to aim at them.

The Cobra logo are embedded on their knee which is a good touch.

Here's a close up on the face mask. Look so deadly.

Accessories that come with his operation are a helmet with night sight, a rifles, a semi-automatic gun and a operation back pack.

In the night operation these night glasses is a must have.

Personally I don't expect this figure to have those articulation as for figure design, he look quite impressive already.

Sand Viper would look good if he stand in numbers. They are not ninja anyway so that will do.

After all the reviews of Cobra, I think I should show some love to the Joe soon.

Do you like this Sand Viper?


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