G.I.JOE Night Creeper

Yo Joe! I will be reviewing some of the older G.I.Joe figure in the next few post. These are not so old actually but it is way before the movies series.

First to be review would be the Night Creeper in the Valor vs Venom series.

At the back of the silm packaging are a short bio-data of Night Creeper who are Cobra Ninja.

I love the illustration of Night creeper in the packaging as he is dress in black and stealthy.

But the color of the figure seems to be another figure in a wrong packaging... Maybe I got a variant. LOL

See how the gold chrome part of the armor is not Ninja looking if you ask me.

For G.I Joe, they were one of the articulated figures as far as I can remember since the 1980s and this figures maintained that standard to provide more joints on the elbows, wrists, knees and the ankles.  

G.I.Joe are also one of those toys that are generous in accessories and that make them fun. Night Creeper gets to have a gun, swords and a field pack. I know it is good to give him a field backpack so he can do some operations but being a Ninja, it need to travel light...

With all the accessories, these are how he will be.

Let's go into details of this figure. Here is a close up of Night Creeper and this figure expose the eyes.

The Cobra logo can only be found on his right arm.

One interesting detail was his boots which retain much of Japanese Ninja boot design. I guess that is for silent movements.

This figure allow quite good pose with the multiple articulation in the joints. I like this pose.

Personally if this figure is in black, it will look much nicer but the gold part of the armor seems to look good too.

What do you think?


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