Fictional Team Japan in Pacific Rim

This year Summer block buster has one interesting take of Giant Mecha or Robots fighting Aliens Giant Monsters. It was said that each country using their technology and design will have their own Mecha. It is an interesting concept and among so many Countries, I particularly have my eyes on team Japan.

In the movie Japan has Coyote Tango as a Mecha design. Very warhammer looking but I cannot feel it is much of what Japan will design and pilot. I am not sure if this mecha will survive till the end but I am sure the US will because this is Hollywood.

Here are my fictional expectation of Mecha particularly Japan as if you talk about Giant Robots, Japan has a long history of battling Giant Monsters in film history. So here are my expectation of how this concept going to be if Giant Mecha is in play.

First off. Gundam and to be more grounded with the movie Mecha, a Full Armor Gundam will do.

I am sure many will agree with me for it's long history and how they have made a 1:1 scale parading at various city so inspire the fans and the nation.

Next Giant Mecha would be Evanglion Unit-01

This is another Giant Mecha which has long going in recent history and if this is true, fans would like to see Rei and Asuka. :P

Okay talking about battling Giant Monster. These fellas come are not Mecha but I am sure you will agree these are the elites from Japan since the day we watch TV.

Ultraman! Although having limited time and blinking energy of light, these guys always get the job done. To be more up to date, Ultraman Nexus. (not power by android) :P

If you want fight fire with Fire, it has to be Godzilla and we want the Japanese version and not the USA take which is so much like Jurassic park.

By the way, Godzilla is not a monster but he too have a heart for human race in a certain way.

If there are such threats of Giant Monsters, who will you choose to save us? Will it be anyone of the above?


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