Bootleg Lego Starwars

Today I am going to share with you this interesting Bootleg Lego Starwars figurines. These are something that you don't see everyday.

This packaging caught by eyes and for a moment I thought I saw the new packaging of minifigures from Lego. That was until I saw the the brand "BOM BOM" inside of Lego.

The color quality of the packaging look good. Just look at Yoda illustration.

Now it is time for me to Open the Toys to see in details of the quality of these bootlegs.

First off is Sebulba from Starwar episode where he is a Pod racer and he is holding a tool.

On close up the paint look alright as Sebulba look suitable to have a weathered effect on the paint. However both feet of his cannot fit nicely to any brick parts.

From the brighter color end, the package comes with a X-wing pilot and a Naboo pilot as well. Both of them are given a gun for self defenses.

X-wing pilot get to more details at the back.

From the cloud city comes lobot.

He too have back details and given a gun.

From the Empire comes Tie-Fighter pilot and empire soldier.

 Both were given gun too

Since I have a original LEGO Tie-fighter pilot, I decide to share with you a comparison of both.If you are in doubt which one is the original LEGO, it is the one on your right.

On the side it is quite hard to tell which is the original

On closer inspection, you will see there are more colors on the decal of the Tie-Fighter pilot.

At the back you may notice the original have a glossier look on the surface of the figure.

Each figure of this series comes with a stand and they even printed their BOM BOM logo on it.

Although the figures look like original from far, the quality of these figure may not be there.

These legs have some issue fitting into the stand and some of the parts are loose and if you hold the body up,. sometimes the legs will fall off. That being said, each of these bootleg figures cost a little over a dollar.

You don't expect warranty and quality on these figures.

That's all I am sharing.


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