Become Iron Man & Preview of Super Alloy Iron Man

In the anticipation of Iron man 3 premiere on 26th of April 2013, Marvel is having a Become Iron Man event at Bugis Singapore.

The event location has setup the look a like of Iron Man armory which is really cool.

The program use video camera to capture and digitally edit Mark XLII suit on any person standing at a certain location.

On the screen, it will display the player like in the movie or the game.

The suit will then pieces by piece wear on the player on screen which includes sound effect.

No long, the whole suit will be applied on a LIVE player.

After the suit up, the program will continue to capture the player movement as he or she will interact some testing like dancing and also shooting mini game.

It is quite an experience as you get to live for a moment of Tony Stark as Iron man. Become Iron Man is an all-new experience from Marvel Studios. Using ground-breaking motion-sensor technology it allows users to assemble and test the new Mark 42 armour, and be immersed in the action of the film.

On a side note, I have to honor by saying I didn't play this game at that location as I felt "Stage fright" as they are many others looking and not to mention there was a dance session in the game. So me and Andy from Toysrevil decided to just do our job which is taking photos and reporting. The organizer Daphne has told us to state that we "chicken out" in our blog post and so now we did. :P

Don't let this stop you tho as it fun and It is FREE! So go and try out!

Adding to the Iron Man experience, fans can also look forward to Play Imaginative’s unveiling of Iron Man Super Alloy Collectable Figures

The preview showcase of our Super Alloy Iron Man product from Iron Man 3 movie.

Including the 1/4 Iron Man Mark XLII.

Just look at the details.

The Pre order of this suit is open for you to order if you are interested and if you did so before 22 April at the event, you will be receiving 2 tickets of Iron Man 3!

The remain suit which you will see below are just preview and in the near future the release date will be announce.

War Machine Version 2.

Iron Patriot.

The back details.

Gemini was quite refreshing to have a White and Gold theme for Mark 39.
Very classy color theme for a Sub Orbital Suit.

One of my favorite suit was the Heartbreaker. Personally love the shape of the helmet.

If you are into bigger Iron man suit, then this Space Suit Red Snapper is for you

Here are a close up on the helmet of Mark 35 Red Snapper which would be in the credit roll of Iron Man 3 appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not forgetting 1/6 collectors that there is a figure out in display. I love the lighting LEDS

On 24th of April, there will be unveiling of 1/12 figures of 5 Iron Man suit.

Not forgetting there are Iron Man Disney XD’s video showcase of Marvel Universe

Pop by to Bugis Junction Singapore from 19 April – 5 May 2013 from 10am to 10pm and you would get to see all these Iron Man stuff there yourself!!


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