Dragon Quest Random Monster

If you play Dragon Quest, there are a couple of Monster which are memorable. Today I will share some of them.

Normal Slime (blue) will come out as the first iconic for Dragon Quest and they are the popular ones too.

Slime does not just stop there as there are some other color with other properties and powers.

They are a colorful branch if you have a number of the slimes. Some like the Orange Slime has healing power.

There are some bigger slime such as this Slime knight.

As the name goes, Slime Knight comes with a Knight ridding a giant green slime. I do not know where the Knight comes from but the Slime and the Knight seems to be of one item.

If you are on Quest especially in Dragon Quest, do not be too happy when you see chest which many a time think there are treasure inside. Some can be a Trap!! These treasure chest looking Monsters are called the Cannibox

They have long tongue and sharp teeth and will not hesitate to devour those who want treasure.

Platinum King Jewel is a GEM Slime and one of those powerful monsters in the game.
It has high HP and have good resistances and immunises due to it's properties.

Now these is one of the monster that I cannot put my finger to identify him. As a toy, it glass looking. It is quite Lump looking but I am not sure if he is a Lump monster.

If you can help to identify the above monster, let us know.


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