S.H.MonsterArts King Kong coming

If the saying goes, Japan created Godzilla, then the equivalent USA would have created King Kong. That's right. King Kong the first big size Monster that rampage the city.

Since Tamashii Nations had a S.H.MonsterArts that made Godzilia, it is logical for them to have King Kong since now they obtain the licenses. This King Kong was previewed in NYCC 2012 and this version is the recent movie by Peter Jackson. The first expression is normal expression of a rather upset look.

Due to the Gorilla structure, it will have more articulation compare to Godzilla. Just look the side view of King Kong. It is magnificent.

Here is King Kong in battle action with the roaring and showing his fangs.

A signature pose of King Kong showing that he is angry and you better not mess around with him.

King kong do not fight only with his bare hands, sometime like human, they use object as weapon too.

King Kong is not always angry, there were times where he can be happy too. So this figure included that expression.

The 3 expression allow you to pose and play with King Kong. Now all you need is a city for him to rampage.

If you are thinking to get this figure, look out for it in April 2013.


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