Nickelodeon TMNT Donatello

Meet Donatello the Brain and inventor of the four Turtles in the Nickelodeon latest TMNT series.

Donatello is one of my favorite Turtles as he give the cool factor to the his brothers as he invent many cool stuff which most are high end for their usage.  Not only that, he is a more cool headed one. 

Did I mention that Dontello in Nickelodeon TMNT is the tallest among all his brothers? Even his skin textures and tones are different too.

Let's set Donatello free!

So here he is. He retain the purple bandana as the 1980s cartoon version but the more slimmer and taller than before.

This version do make them look more like Teenager if you asked me. Not as steroid looking as the before.  

A close-up on Donatello expression, he look really serious with no teeth being shown. That's really cool and suitable to Donatello however in the cartoon, he was a Geek that speak logically except when April is around. LOL In fact he is the only Turtle who have feeling for April as in love interest.

At the back of his shell, is stripe that you can hold his Jo or staff.

Let's talk about the new Jo. The good side is it no longer look as boring as before since both side of the staff or bo look different. It look more natural but on the hands of Donatello, somehow the staff look too short.

I remember somewhere due to different height of the user, a standard height of the staff should reached the eye brown from the ground. What do you think? Is it just nice for him?

Even at this angle, I feel the staff can be longer as this is a longer range weapon to keep the enemy at certain distance.

The staff however look better for one hand. Normally some toy maker would give the figure some automated action but I am glad they did not do anything action movement but instead give articulation so we can pose the figure more.

One of the best pose I can get him to pose is without his staff because the staff look really short for him that he cannot really use both hand to hold the staff. So I make do with this.

yes a Kungfu pose for Ninja Turtles!

Time to get Michelangelo in! Both are awesome together!

Turtles Power!

Is Donatello your favorite Turtle?


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