Masked Rider Vintage T-Shirt

As a guy, our wardrobe are limited in design and when fashion is concern, we wear what we care about and most of the time we are referring to T-shirt. When we saw a T-shirt that caught our eyes, we will get those T-shirt.

This is one of a T-shirt that I have added in my wardrobe. A vintage looking Masked Rider (aka Kamen rider) T-shirt.

This T-shirt has the licensed Ishimori Production INC and TOEI Company Limited and here is the front design of the Rider 1 in vintage drawing with his Cyclone.

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I am a fan of the older Kamen rider.

The back of the T-shirt has the silhouette of Rider 1 on Cyclone too!

The T-shirt package has this sticker which state this is Vintage Limited Edition.I was happy to get one!

Along with the T-shirt was this tag that has Ichigo aka Rider 1 doing the jump with his cyclone bike illustration.

On the flip side of the tag has the license of Waranan Garment Co. Ltd and a Halogram sticker of authenticity.

I know there are some collectors who collect garments for keeping and not really wearing it but I am not one of those. I will surely wear this especially for the coming Chinese Lunar New Year. LOL

If you are interested in this type of T-shirt, do let me know by commenting on this post. :)


Unknown said…
Hey i have one of thet kind too, kine is super one rider. Do you know where to buy it again? I search it at my local store they don't have any of it again.

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