Goku Vs Jackie Chun

Today I am sharing with you the Young Goku and Jackie Chun which is one of the early battle in the chapter of Dragonball.

Some of your Dragonball fans may be asking by now isn't this Master Roshi and why did he called Jackie Chun? You see Master Roshi disguised himself as Jackie Chun to inspire his disciples not to be overly confident and to know there are stronger opponent in the world

Master Roshi supposed to be bald but in order to disguise himself as another person, he has to put on a wig with super glue.

Dressed in Chinese suit of black and putting a Crane pose, he is one Kungfu master.

Little do anyone knows he is the legendary Master Roshi.

At the back of this figure marks the Made in China 2008

On the other end is the Young Son Goku.

Under Master Roshi training, Goku wore the symbol of .Turtle on his back proudly.

Goku has no issue learning the Kamahamaha even though he saw it the first time used by Master Roshi. Of course his technique get better when he practice more often.

Facing his Master (unknown to him), will he defeat Jackie Chun with this killer move??


The ending is up to you to imagine but in the Manga or comic itself, Goku actually lost the fight to Jackie Chun which greatly inspire him to be even better and stronger.

Again these are good figures for those who love the early Dragonball where the plot is simple but amazing.


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