Final Fantasy V Keychains

Memory flash back again when I see these key chains characters from Final Fantasy V. This particular Final Fantasy series did not translate into English languages and thus I did not really complete the series. The story of this final fantasy was not that story either.

Nonetheless, the Job system work in a way that your character can learn various skills when you are in a certain Jobs. When in different class, your appearance will be different. In the Wind Crystal, here is the Knight class

And here are the White Mage

Depending on the characters, the outlook of the same Job is different such as this White mage

For water Crystal you have Red Mage which look pretty cool to me.

I am unable to know who is this character in the series nor it class.

Here are the group shot of this Final Fantasy V keychains. I do not think it was complete but it is fun knowing there are keychain of them.

Have you played or complete Final Fantasy V before?


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