Dancing Lion Android Special Edition

We are less than a month to Chinese Lunar New year and Android designed one for Asia release of Dancing Lion design on Android figure.

Basically this is Chinese Lion Dance which is a festive dance for good fortune during the new year in business or new household. The face was the design of a Dancing Lion with gold dye on the eyes. During the lion dance, the lion will have to consume green vegetable that normally tied to a scroll with writing of blessing. At the end of the dance, the writing will be presented to the leader of the house for good fortune.

These details were put into the Dancing Lion design. If you are wondering what the writing on this Android, it mean Promotion and prosperity in the coming new year.

I have to say I am still impressed on how they put thoughts into the Chinese Lunar New year Festive theme on Android.

You can read more on how to get it here at a limited time if you are in US. For Asia, look around for the reseller at your location in that link too!


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