6" Starwars Black Series

Long long time ago, in the history of Starwars toys as we know it. It has been always done on 3.75" inches figure even with Kenner. Hasbro later follow through with more articulation.

After all these years, finally Hasbro decided to go into 6" line for Starwars for a Black Series with X-wing Luke Skywalker R2-D2, Darth Maul and an Imperial Sandtrooper.

This is a protoype of Luke Skywalker

The reason they give was this line is more for Adult collectors. This could appeal to collectors as there are no 6" Starwars figures as more adult collectors would have go for the 12" ones like Hottoys and Sideshows.

However the price of 6" are quite pricy (even the 3.75" of Starwars already pricy in S.E.Asia) that is estimated to be selling at USD$20. I think if this hit Singapore, it would be around SGD $40 which is the retail price here and believe me it has nothing to do with conversion rate from USD to SGD but retail price.

Now the question is will Starwars collectors after years of buying and collecting Starwars will go for this series?

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