TMNT 2012 Michelangelo

Today I am happy to review Michelangelo  from the latest Nickeloden Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

When news of the new TMNT was going to release by Nickeloden, I was quite apprehensive as most of the remake of the late 80s cartoon or characters most of the time didn't get to expectation from the old loyal fans. Surprisingly, I love this new remake. Not only me, my son also enjoy it.

Therefore for Christmas, this was one of the toy he got from me. :D

The packaging was way colorful and stylish compare to the vintage ones. The packaging spacing was very much maximize for card figure by Playmate.

At the back of the card, there are some write up about the character and here is Michelangelo.

In the new TMNT, Michael Angelo was the most playful one. If there is any Turtles who like to be funny and play plank, it will be Mikey for sure.

Time to Open the Toy!

They retain Michelangelo as it's original color bandana which is consistent and unique to the 80s cartoon of the TMNT.

There are a few things I love about the Toy version of these new TMNT. Firstly all four of them are different in skin colors, height and outlook. That mean they are not from the same mold which mean higher cost as other toy makers would go into repaint. Thankfully Playmate did not and I really appreciate that.

I also love the details on them as there are skin texture and some marks on their body which can be due to physical training. Just look at the picture below and you will see the details.     

Even the shell on their back, each of them are different in shapes

This figure comes with quite a number of weapons but the main thing that I am interested was the uses nunchaku which comes with pair.

The nunchaku can be store on the belt on his belt which it can store 2!

For playability, this figure have more articulation compare to the older version. This is the first time the head of the TMNT can do more pose on the head as it no longer limited to move left to right.

Here are some of the poses that this figure can preform.

Bruce Lee style!

When I first saw the preview of this new animation, I was very bother as the Turtles especially Mikey no longer says Cowabunga but Booyakasha.

Slowly the new phase booyakasha sound not that bad. I have no ideal who and what was booyakasha until I did a google searched and found another big surprise that this booyakasha phase was created by Ali G!

I don't mind the new TMNT can shout Cowabunga somewhere in the animation to come.

In ending... Turtle Power!


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