Smeagol aka Gollum

The Hobbit movie will be releasing in a week time and I think it is a good time to review some of my Lord of the Rings figures which had not be review here.  One of the many others that I left out was Smeagol aka Gollum.

The Smeagol aka Gollum that I have was a super articulated figure from ToyBiz just like many others I got such as Gandalf the White, Ring Wraith, Strider and many others

I love the facial expression of this Smeagol who had the one Ring stick permanently on the palm of his hand. From the expression, you can tell how much Smeagol lust for the ring.

As happy as his experssion were under different lightning, somehow the expression you have on Smeagol seems to be different. Allow me to demonstrate.

Here is Smeagol having a pleasing look toward while pointing at the camera...

In a blue lighting, Smeagol seems to be more spooky and you can tell by his eyes he is not friendly.

At this angle, Smeagol looked confuse and in denial once again trying to stop the voice of Gollum in his head by saying "I'm not listening. Not Listening!"

At this pose, Smeagol swear to his Precious (the ring) to bring his ring master to Mordor.

I am testing out different lightning to get some of Smeagol experession in the movies actually. LOL

To be honest, I was quite disappointed with this figure as articulated as it should be, this figure could not do one of the major pose of Gollum which is squatting down. It would be prefect if this toy can do just that. 

Anyway here is Smeagol for his signature pose in the Lord of the Rings series... fondling with the One Ring.

In my opinion, Smeagol is a important of character in Lord of the Rings. If you thought Frodo is the savior of the whole middleearth, you may be mistaken. Smeagol or so call Gollum should take some credits as because of him and what he did, he delay and eventually saved Middleearth from the Evil Sauron.

Puzzled? Allow me to explain. If the One ring was not found by Smeagol who because of that killed his friend and went deep into the earth, One Ring could be landed with some man and eventually landed back to Sauron. Because he hidden himself so deep, even the eye of Sauron and his minion cannot sense the ring. In the Hobbit series, Bilbo Baggin took the ring and surface out again and soon Sauron can sense his Ring.

Secondly toward the end of the Lord of the Rings series, Frodo refused to destroy the ring on the mouth of Mount Doom and if it was not because of Gollum who bitten off Frodo's finger and accidentally fall into the lava thus destroying the Ring, the whole Middleearth would be doomed.

Although all these was done without the good intention of Smeagol who not knowing what he was doing but he certainly played a major role. One thing I love about the Lord of the Rings is that not everything that is bad is bad. Sometime you never know some bad could turned out to be of some good.

In the end, Smeagol should still be a character that some should take pity on him. Maybe in some situation in life as we met some "Smeagols", we can exercise some patience with them and who knows they may eventually did some good. Everyone has a role to play I guess.

I will certainly too forward to see more of Gollum in the Hobbits.

What about you?


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