Sleeping Dog PS3 Review

Sleeping Dog was my first PS3 game that I got when I have my hands on the new PS3 Super Slim.

I was told by the sales that this game is much GTA alike but instead of US, the location and story happen in a fictional Hongkong. My thought was like, "Okay. So is this going to be like Hongkong movie 'Inferno affair'?"

Looking at the back of the packaging, make me excited to get this game. I was surprise that this game was by SquareEnix instead of Rockstars.

The story begin very much like those Gang Triad story of the lead Wei Shen has an identity of a law enforcer while he has a long history of a triad member back in HK. His work is to infiltrate the underworld but later find himself stuck between his job and his relationship with some triad members.

I think I will focus on the Dialogue and the setting as this is one of the main point the game is trying to sell.

The Hong Kong
I am rather impress with the setup of the different part of Hongkong was capture in the game.

Although I cannot imagine all the streets and building are real but they manage to capture the essence of Hongkong as you seen on TV. What it lack was the real Cantonese and that is what I would like to comment more.

The Cantonese

If I would followed some censored structure to put a Beep in every swearing words I heard, then for the first 5 minutes it would be R2-D2 speaking. I understand the game is Mature rating but even a real gangster may not swear so much. It is understandable that the lead Wei Shen who went to US for a few years spoke like an Amercian but how can a Hong Kong raised Triad member speak well spoken English and swear like a US fella? That does not make any sense... Oh wait! That first Triad member is Jackie and the voice cast is Edison Chen! Okay that make perfect sense now right?

No It still does not for me. Sorry.

There are many who spoke Cantonese in the game to add local favor into the game but for a home grown Cantonese like me, I find the way the voice actor spoke Cantonese is weird and unnatural (even when they trying to swear). Maybe for that is just me since I am a Cantonese who also watched a lot of TVB series in Cantonese which do not talk like them. *Roll eyes

Regardless of the Cantonese, the story was not that bad. You will learn to know more of Wei Shen in the game.

The Girl friends
Part of the game include some romancing when Wei shen met different girls in most of the wrong places except for one case where He met a Caucasian blond girl who want to learn martial art in Hongkong. That girl is Emma Stone....I mean really voiced by Emma Stone!

Although all the different girls Wei Shen met, nothing really happen in the game and some of them disappear so fast that you didn't even have a second or third date... Oh what the heck! just go around to fight some triad members, shoot them and drive fast around for mission and stay focus!!

Mission and Collectibles
There are plenty of things for you to do in the city beside mission which tied to the story such as racing, fight club and exploring hidden items to collect stuff. Some of the important things include eating to gain some bonus, Praying at different shrine to gain more health, shopping for some clothes to get some bonus and go for some massage (both clean and unclean) to gain some bonus.

* Pray for health but not for your sin??

It is inevitable that many compare this game with GTA but do you know this game is inspired by a older game called True Crime which the lead is an Asian in US? It would be good if GTA do a Asia version so we can have a comparison. In fact, I want them to try. :)

Overall I have hours of fun playing with this game and I am still playing it as I am doing this review. I am trying to pace myself as not to finish this game that fast. :)

If you have playing this game, feel free to contribute what you like and don't like about Sleeping Dog.


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