Señorita Playmobil

It was another random pick for my Playmobil Minifigure haul to go for blind pack. As this is female Playmobil back, I don't really have much in mind except for lady Liberty but lady luck was not on my side. I ended up getting this Senorita.

Senorita in Spanish title for addressing a young lady in a courtesy way. It is safe to assume that she is a Spanish dancer adore with red flaming dress.

Let's start the review from head to toe. First she has hair dresses of red flowers binding her hair.

The only accessory she has is her fan which the color theme matches with her dress. Red and Black.

As a dancer, she wore a black shoes with not so high in heels.

As for her make up, she only has long lower eye lashes and rosy cheeks.

It is not hard to imagine she is a hot spicy dancers whom dance well with Spanish guitars.

This Senorita is not alone. In fact, she seems to be a good match with Playmobil Zorro whom also come from that part of the world and era...

They are a prefect match if you asked me. True enough Zorro had love at first sight.  Time for Zorro to make his move. We could be seeing a master at work here. LOL

I guess Zorro has to pay up the flowers to the Flower girl first. That what you get for being a Cheapskate. Never do that in front of a lady guys. :)


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