Playmobil Nikita

I have never imagine that a day will come there is a cool female secret Agent like Nitika will ever happen in the Playmobil series.

When I read about there is a Nitika like on a Female Minifigure series, I tried hard to get one for myself. And boy did I tired... I almost gave up until I change on the older series still available to try for blind pack. So I tried again and finally I got it right.

Personally I love her hair style and her face. I love the scarf and the 2 pieces shirt in black she wore.

There are not much weapon for the female series and she was one of those who has a Gun. I think she look even better if she have black gloves on.

Her suit was black and she wore good looking black boots.

On her back, she also have an  baton for close combat.  See how cool that is on her back?

I can imagine her fighting with this Neo Orange Baton. Don't asked me why it was in Orange rather than Black. For your information, this baton help me as I feel the blind pack to look for her in the series. So I am thankful for this Baton. XD

Now I have to be honest that the name Nitika I gave for this Playmobil is purely my point of view because this figure resemble very much of Nitika as I know. So if you do not agree with me, you can call her any name you like such as Assassin, Ninja and others.

As for me, I am happy to have her in my collection. So one of the Want for Playmobil series done.

Do you like this Nitika? XP


Unknown said…
hello there, that is not nikita, that is Æon Flux (they made a movie of her with Charlize Theron)

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