Playmobil at Sentosa

I heard about Sentosa in Singapore is having some Playmobil theme stuff going on from 24 Nov to 30 December 2012. They call it Sentosa PLAYcation.

Basically there are lots of Playmobil theme like Toys, games and activities going on for kids who are having their school holidays. Check out the activities and promotions.

All around Sentosa, there are various displays like this for people to view.

Without failed, such display will draw the curiosity from the kids. See how fascinated there are.

There is a Guess and Win contest to guess how many Playmobil figures were fit into this Giant Playmobil. You can try to count if you have the time. :)

The main event of Playmobil are at the Palawan Beach.

Along the path, you will not get lost as there are various Playmobil standee that will lead the way.

You know you are close when you see Pirates theme Playmobil theme. XD

Playmobil Santa is there too but no present for the kids. Maybe you have to be a good kid and sleep tonight to get some Playmobils. Who knows. :P

For security there are Police theme Playmobil in 3D! However the Playmobil robbers are not far behind. Be Alert!

Right in the middle, there was a giant display of the Playmobil toys Zoo!

You can spend quite a lot of time just to look at the details of the zoo and the animals.

Now there is a Playmobil Play comer for children to play with Playmobil with some theme setting. Just look at the numbers of Playmobil there!

There's even Pirate ship and theme for kids to play with the toys!

For the girls, there are fairy tales theme for them to play with too! How wonderful and Free but do not take the toys home unless you pay for it.

And remember to share with other children who wanted to play too!

Now there are quite a good numbers of Playmobil toys on sales at the location. Such as minifigurines series andSingle pack options which is a popular choice for visitor.

There are Adventskalender for you to count down to Christmas!

If you want a more Christmas theme, you can get this set which is for the family for Christmas.

There are more Playmobil stuff in Sentosa to take your time to explore but I only have limited time to check out on that day.

If you are a Playmobil fans, don't missed this Playmobil theme at Sentosa. It's not everyday we have them and if it happen in my childhood, this is like a dream come true.

Go enjoy yourself!


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