MYTOKA Box World Display

As a Toy Collector who open my toys, I often have a need to look for display boxes. Since my Playmobil is growing, I think it is a good time to have a display stand for just the Playmobil series. I decided to look for a display stand that take care of this need and I found one.

This MYTOKA Box World display was for KUBRICK and another of that scale. Visually that is just nice for my Playmobil and other smaller scale toys.

The feature is a dust free display with platform! Now that is helpful as in that floor space, every figure get to be viewed.

Out of the display box, this is how it look like. Clean and clear. The only bad point is the casing have reflection but there isn't much I can do about it unless I stick a layer of non-reflective layer on it.

Here is a scale comparison of Starwars 3.75" and a stand Playmobil size.

Now the platform are nicely fitted and it has a flexibility should you need more floor space later if you want to do away the platform.

It can be divided in 3 layers. Cool feature but for now I need the platforms.

After some time of careful placing the figure in it (Quite painful to get them right), so here it is!

Now my figure are more dust free and I have made more room to have more toys figures!!

If space allow, I can buy more of such display case and stack on each other to have more space. :)

Do you need such display case too?


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