Lego Minifigures Series 9 coming

For the start of January 2013, it mark the release of the release of LEGO Minifigures Series 9.

For sci-fi, there will be Alien Trooper (Alien Avenger) which remind me very much like Gear of War and Battle Mech which the suit kinda remind me of Cyclone in the 80s battlestar galactica.

For formal dressed, there are a Waiter (look French) and Hollywood Starlet with a 'Oscar" award (she looked Madonna to me).

For day job, there are Downtown Cop (Policeman) and Plumber (not Mario brothers) :P

For authority figure of new and old, we have a Judge and Caesar (Roman Emperor)

For the Bad and the Ugly, there are Dr. Splitz (Mr Good and Evil) which is like Jekyl/Hyde and Roller Derby Girl which is unique as she has roller on her shoes.

In every series there will be costume wearer and this series it finally hit a man in Chicken suit. Also there is the Fortune Teller whom is quite gypsy looking

For mystical creatures, there are Mermaid and Cyclops which also good for Army building (don't mind having extras).

For Hero and Heroines in Fantasy and also for Army builders, there are Heroic Knight and Maid Marion (Forest Maiden) of whom if her hair is more red will be Merida from Brave. :P

So all in all, there are quite a number of characters I love in this series. The least I wanted is the Plumber... What about you?


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