Christmas Doraemon at West Coast Plaza

Since I missed the last Doreamon event in Hongkong, when I hear there are Doreamon theme Christmas at West Coast Plaza Singapore shopping mall, I jump on the opportunity to have a look see. I was quite blown away when I was there as it was more than I expected.

This was what I saw when I entered from the main entrance of the mall. Doraemon smiling!

Second surprises was to see a 1:1 scale of Doraemon in his time travel machine!

Hi Doraemon! XD

At the back of this Doraemon was a wall display of the characters and data of various characters .

Some of the Bio data like Doraemon is afraid of mice.

These wall display certainly look good for kids or adults to take photo with it. Snap Snap Snap!

Around the mall, there are various vinyl figures of Doreamon around. Like on the second level, there was Doraemon with his famous portal door that take you anywhere instantly.

Also a grand display of Christmas meal of Doraemon family.

You may expect Turkey or logcake for Christmas meal but Doraemon still having Japanese food.

And they all look very happy. I don't mind having Japanese Sushi for Christmas. LOL

Now you may think the fun end there but there was more!

For the kids, there are some Doraemon Christmas show at certain timing with a mix of Japanese and English (mostly English). You will get to see the team of Doraemon dancing and joking on stage.

One surpise feature of this costume Doraemon  is that he can have exchangable eye expression like in the Manga and Anime.

Beside Doraemon, the rest dance pretty well with Christmas songs such as Jingle Bell Rock.

If you have shopped above 30 Dollars that day, you can get a chance to take photo with the cast of Doraemon on stage. You have to supply your own camera phone tho.

It is not easy for a local shopping mall to have such quality display as you can see most of these Doraemon figures are Original from Japan. It was more than I expect and both me and my family enjoyed it.

This event is now on till 30 December 2012 at West Coast Plaza.  Read here for more details.


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