Toy Shopping Suprises

This post is just a personal post of the weird things I notice on one of the day when I go for a shopping trip locally in Singapore. All in total I saw 4 weird incidents that day.

Surprise  No. 1: Gashapon or Capsule machine increase price
During AFA 2012 at the Capsule or Gashapon machines, I remember for a turn for 200 Yen is just SGD$3.

Behold when I went to that toy shopping as I saw some interesting capsule, I noticed the price of 200 Yen has become SGD$4!! They increase it by a dollar!! What happened??

That means those that are 300Yen will be going for SGD$5. I was kind of in shock but after I did some conversion from Yen to SGD (based on the to date rate), the conversion of 200 Yen is actually SGD$3.00 so I think that is alright...

Surprises No. 2: Transformers Prime Bumblebee losing their heads
I was looking at the Weaponiser Transformers Prime Bumblebee and I saw the head actually fall off.

I guess it's okay if it was one of them but it turned out many of them have the same issue.Weird?

Okay maybe some kids before I arrived actually pull or knock off the head...or maybe the neck ball joint too loose? Take your pick as I don't want to jump into any conclusion. Still it is not a sight you see everyday.

Surprise No. 3:Transformers Leader class Generations G1 colors
Transformers movies have end quite sometime now and I was surprised to see leader class Starscream had a G1 repaint and Leader class Ironhide in Red!

Apparently this is new release...

Surprise No. 4: Marvel comic pack without Comic?
I was looking at some X-Men First class toys and it feature a good looking comic cover and figures illustration at the back of the card.

But when I look at the front, something is missing... somehow the front cover seems very empty...

You guess it, it is suppose to be Comic pack but the comic is missing!! I thought maybe some thief took the comic but it was properly sealed and I check others all the same without comic.

I guess they took the comic out because of cost or licensing...but hey this is comic pack! Does that mean the toy is cheaper than it usual price? I don't know.

So that conclude the surprises I found that day just looking at toys.

Are you surprise as well? Do comment. :)


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