Soul Calibur II Sophitia Alexandra

Sophitia Alexandra is one of girls that Yujin has produced under Namco collections. If you have played Soul Calibur II, you would have seen her but this version of Sophitiado not really resemble her.

Regardless, this version of her is good looking with good proportion figure as a lady and her theme White and Brown is a good mixed.

I love the details of the long leather boots. Just look at the textures.

On a closed up on her face, it can be better but this is a capsule toy and for it standard is pretty decent. I love the ruby on her head band.

As for accessories, she comes with a staff and a shield. The details are good too.

When the accessories are on her, I can easily mistaken her as a Cleric in RPG game. Maybe this costume look like nurse dressing. LOL

On the side, her pose is awesome. I love her long leather gloves too.

And yes the nurse looking mini shirt help too.

In all honestly, this figure does not really resemble the Soul Calibur Sophitia but it is good looking for the class of her own.

What do you think?


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