Shodo Dragonball coming

Good news for Dragonball fans. As next year a new Dragonball movie is going to be release in March 2013, a new Dragonball toy line named Shodo will be release in May 2013.

The special thing about this series is it is 80mm in height but with quite a number of articulations

The pilot characters on this series is Super Saiyan Gokou and Vegeta.
Super Saiyan Goku, one of my favorite and in the presentation look good with various pose

The same goes to Super Saiyan Vegeta with some of his signature pose.

Each of these figure comes with pose stand to simulate floating in the air which is cool.

The not so good news is this 『掌動-SHODO-』 series are limited edition which could be web exclusive and so far it is expected to be for 2100 Yen.

I will keep my eye on this for now.


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