Shaolin Monk Playmobil

From the Playmobil minifigures series 4 comes the Shaolin Monk and again this trigger some old Shaw brothers Shaolin Monks characters in those era.

Dressed in Orange, a black bandana and a black belt, this is kind of a humble uniform of a Monk.

What really make him unique is this bald head which you can put on another playmobil as a hair piece which this case no hair. LOL

Another odd one out was the shoe or boots which is white in color and having a black strips. I would imagine the shoe to be black as the bandana and belt was black.

Again to make it oriental, Playmobil gave him a Chinese looking looks which is typical in Hollywood stereo typing of Chinese man. This figure does not look friendly as he has a frown.

Another point to note that a Monk typically do not dress a outfit that has dragon on it but in this case, it was a black dragon logo. With that logo, it look more like a Clan or something.

This figure look very fitting with the Asia Assassin from the previous series.  It seems that both are from the same era.

Now I have tried my luck randomly to get 4 packets that day without much feeling on the parts in the package as I am in a rush. And I was Lucky or UNLUCKY to get 3 of the same character!! To be honest, I was feeling upset.

I mean what are the odds?

From another view, now I have a "army" of Shaolin monks and unity is power!

I can now stage any hero to have a fight with these group of Shaolin monks. It can be quite dramatic. LOL

So will the Assassin survive since he is out numbered? What do you think?


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