Saber Bride Cosplay

Remember the Saber Bride cosplay that I feature during the AFA2012 cosplayer post?

Well I was impressed with the effort of how the cosplayer do such detail cosplay and when I go online to do more search, I found others who share some of good looking shots of this Saber Bride cosplay by a local cosplayer known as ConJurer.
* Photo credit to Jason Elpheus Wong

This Saber Bride cosplay was full of surprises as much as she get quite a lot of people attention that day.

*Photo credit to Billy Aoki

Surprise number 1, the whole costume was self-made by a self-taught cosplayer and ConJurer will be sharing how much does it take to make this costume from head to toe.

* Photo credit to Swee Min

Surprise number 2, this Saber is a Guy and before you jump to any conclusion, he is straight. It surprise many that how can such a good looking cosplay of Saber be a guy? Yes this is a very convincing work and that mean a certain level of success in his work.

We are delighted to have an exclusive interview with him as we get to find out what inspire him to do cosplaying.
* Photo credit to Brian Lim

Meanwhile look out the next post of what it takes to do this set of costume from head to toe. :) Continue to making this costume.


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