Random Bootleg Galaxy War

I have to admit sometime going window shopping for toys, I have often found some interesting facts especially on some bootleg toys. Well I cannot really pin point bootleg toys as some are quite original in some ways but most of the time I know where they get their inspiration from. One of it is this Galaxy War toy pack.

Yes I think I saw Darth Vader but he is holding a steel sword and a gun! 

Here is the full shot of the content of the toy pack. This pack would be a dream come true for some kids who look for fun. You have Gun, ammunition, target board, Sword, Mask and action figures! 

Talking about Action figure, it is Han Solo alright but this is taller than regular 3.75" and from the mold he look like the kenner version for the pose.

Right below the packaging there was a R2D2 looking Droid but on closer look this is not the Droid we are looking for (R2D2) but rather another original design toy with zero articulation.

Even though this is bootleg, the content would look fun for some kids especially back in my days. As for kids back then, as long the toy look fun, who and what it is does not really matter.

What do you think?


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