I am Number Four

Is this going to be a review on I am Number Four toys? Was there even toys from that movie to begin with? No.

Today mark the Fourth year of Open The Toy and it is traditional to pen my thoughts down on this four years of blogging. It's a good time to look back on how it begin and how it has become. What I am going to post can be a "Wall of Text" but it is nothing but pure honesty.

I started blogging about Toys as a toy collector. Just a regular guy with limited budget who loves toys. I would say this four years circumstances and passion change a lot especially when I take on fatherly duties.

One common questions I get from friends are how did I find the time to blog regardless of commitments? I am not Superman and what I have done for content take time.

A easy way would be ripping off photos and content from some other site for information but that is not my style. Sadly in my four years of blogging, I have written emails to requesting some sites to take down their post as they simply copy ALL my original contents even though they put a tiny link to my site. Why? Because they did not ask permission.As a professional blogger who has been around to grow your site, be nice to ask for permission especially if we have never communicated before. It is disheartening for a blogger who is trying to generate content and get rip off.

I have always write this blog content to be fun and toy reviews of what toys I got. As for toy collecting, I have slow down very much (that is why you do not see so much toy review recently) like many collector is doing because of the crazy pricing of Toys and the quality of the toys does not seems to justify the pricing. Some main stream toy maker continue to do collector market and create more exclusive with crazy pricing. Such movement only hurt reseller and collectors alike.  Pricing aside, I also have limited space for toys.

The only happy thing was my son now starting to enjoy my toys more than me. In a way he spend more times on some of my toys (those that I allow him to play) than me.

My consolation was that at least the toy was being enjoyed and my child is happy and the memory of these toys will always be with him as like the memory of my childhood toys are with me. Isn't that something more valuable?

What's the point for toys to be keep in box and not to be enjoyed? So I can keep them mint in box and one day I sell at higher price for some cash? How much money will I make and will that right time ever come to sell it off? Sorry I am not going down that path.

In this four years of blogging, I have met many bloggers and within this four years, I see my share of good blog closing down or no longer updated. As I look back my comments on this blog, I just felt sad and missed these bloggers or reader who used to come read regularly and comment on almost everything.

Thankfully there are still some of blogging friends and readers who constantly comment and in contact. I am grateful to have such friendship to support me to keep on blogging.

I hope you will continue to read, interact and join in some discussion and most of all understand my point of view on some of the Toys views and other fun stuff.

If there is anything I want the next year Open the Toy to be, is to have Fun blogging and you as a reader have fun reading and interact in this blog by comments or even in our facebook page.

Thank you for reading this post for our Anniversary and may the FOURTH to be with you...Always.


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