Chogokin King Robot Mickey & Friends

If you are a Disney or Mickey fans who like Chogokin (diecast mecha), here is a splendid news for you! Scheduling in March 2013 is a bold design by TamashiiNations to have Disney characters to become combination robot in Diecast parts.

This giant mecha is a combination of 6 parts. Here are the breakdown of each one of them starting with the Flying unit...

Jet Mickey and Sky Minnie

Sea units, Diver Donald and Aqua Daisy

Land unit with Dash Pluto and his Kennel which will be weapons of the Giant Mecha...

Finally Land Goofy and Ace Willie which will be the head of the Mecha.

Some of the details include having a visible pilot at the head pieces of each mecha or a choice of their own eyes.

For weapons will be Pluto's Kennel for a Fork and a shield (transformed by Pluto's kennel opening up).

It look like a fun piece but this was not from any stories or cartoon series (too bad) so if you are a certain type of Disney fan, you may want to get this. If you are a Chogokin collectors, this will be another which you will give your money to.

The combination mecha will be 220mm in height and the listed price is 13,440 Yen.

Will you get this?


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