Best 1/6 scale C-3PO

It is nothing special if you see and hear there will be yet another 12" C-3P0 from Starwars but if I would tell you this is from Tamashii Nations from Japan together with SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES and come with Diecast parts, perhaps you will think twice since he also comes with a good display stand.

Do not take it lightly Starwars toys collector, for this could be the Best C-3P0 till date for 12" figure.

Now here is the look of C-3P0 head with LED as light. The LED is power by a LR44 which has a switch to turn it on and off.

Just like the real C-3P0 in the movie, there are movement joints on various parts. Do note the details of the figure especially the wire at his hip are real wire.

Like in Starwars episode IV, one of the leg of C-3PO are in different color alloy.

This diecast figure comes with various hands design. In fact he has 3 pairs of hand designs.

There are also Droid Control Bolt when C-3PO was taken in by the Jawas and also the ComLink when he used it to communicate with Luke Skywalker on the Deathstars.

As you can see, they put in much effort in the details of this C-3PO. Because he comes with Diecast parts, this figure is over 900 grams in mass.

The price tag on this C-3PO is around USD$400 and will be releasing in Feb 2013.

I do believe this is the best C-3PO so far. Do you agree?


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