AFA2012 Part 2

Let us continue my review of AFA2012.
One of the special highlight of this year is the promotion of the movie premiere of a Manga and Anime to real life movie, Ruroui Kenshin.

There are props of the movie on display such as the Sword and the costume.

There is also a real life standee of Ruroui Kenshin for phototaking. The movie is to be release on the 29th of November.

Okay back to figurine! There are as usual some K-ON! goodness for sales!

There are booth dealing with Music such as Karaoke and DJ that encourage some of the visitor to have a try.

There are artist line that selling their arts such as Posters...

One of the artist that caught my attention was this piece of Miku Hatsune in Wonderland which is an exclusive.

This is truly handmade with good details.

There are various cards game going on at various location such as Bushiroad and Vanguard

There was LIVE telcast of WebTV going on to Japanese viewers in the event.

Finally a booth that last stop of my visit would be Good Smile Company with various prototype of up coming figure from Figma series...

And other good looking display figures.

For Nendoroid is the coming Miku Dayo..

Let me focus on the Dayo. LOL Cute!

Finally the first time I saw in person the Nendoroid Linkin Park figures going at SGD$62 at the Good Smile Company booth.

The next post would be on some of the cosplayers I snapped during the AFA2012 Day 1! Stay Tune!


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