AFA2012 Part 1

The AFA2012 has began and it is a good time to invite some friends to head down on the weekend just to soak in the Anime loving and see what the event has to offers on Toys and other merchandises.

Here are a short coverage of the event and because of the content, I will break down in parts. I will talk about Bandai merchandise display in summary.

There are preview of Saint seiya

Loads of One Pieces Figuarts Zero.

Yamoto Battleship model kit display...

EVA model kit display...

12" of Tiger and Bunny with glowing lights...

Limited Item of MG model kit from Tiger and Bunny Prototype.

Diecast 12" C3P0 is very shinny!

Not forgetting S.H.Figuarts Kamen Riders series too!

Akiba Ranger which is a special buy at the event!

At Tamashii Nations section, there is a short history of Chougokin and like this mazinkaiser is way back in 1975!

There are various Chogokin also having bundle offers too!

There is also a booth for One Piece AR Carddass and the series 2 is out!
You can expect some good and rare cards for your collecting and gaming.

There are also rows of Gashapon (capsule) machines for the collectors!

One of the surprising booth that caught me was Pokemon booth!

These booth have some Pokemon gaming machines

You can catch your Pokemon with the Pokeball with the use of RFID chips to detect your Pokemon and use in the game.

If you have the Pokemon in the NDS, you can connect to play too. Just look at the Pokemon fans playing!

In Pokemon Center, there are toys and pokemon goods to be purchase but you have to queue up to get into it to look around and purchase the goods.

I will stop here for now and will continue Part 2 and more on the next post!


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