Ultimate Warrior WWF

I was a big fan of World Wrestling Federation in the 1980s and toward the end of 1980s, there were great wrestlers who emerged and made great names for themselves. One of them beside Hulk Hogan was the Ultimate Warrior.

He was one of my favorite as not only he had great physique of muscles which later part of his career the muscles can see the veins.

I would say this is the younger days of the Ultimate Warrior and the color mask paint warrior design shape is there but the colors paint may change depending on his outfit of the matches. But one thing for sure, he is always in bright colorful paint.

Let me talk more about the physique of this Ultimate warrior is only accurate when he was young. I can understand as a toy the maker may share bodies due to cost. To be honest I am okay with that as the figure look fit. However the joints of the arms can never cross due to the muscle design.

I have to say the hair was quite curly compare to the real Ultimate warrior but this is just a mass figure so the same hair design maybe reuse on another design. Nicely paint tho for the shades of the brown hair tone.

From the back, this Ultimate warrior look good and fit.

Now before I go further on this review, I would like to highlight that this figure is from WWE Defining Moments Ultimate Warrior from WrestleMania VII and I got this loose in a flea market. So some of the accessories like his colorful cape and his title belt.

That being said, not everyone can carry bright pink well but for Ultimate Warrior, pink doesn't affect his looks and even with Neon color drawing, it make him look cool.

Not everyday you get to see your face on your shorts.

Not to mention such graffiti on your butt.

The right knee pad has Ultimate Warrior face

While the other side, Macho man!

Unfortulately the figure does not do some pose well but I will make do.

And among all the pose this figure can do, I like to make him do this pose well as everytime Ultimate warrior goes in the ring, he will grab the robes and shake violently. I will always remember that. LOL

Personally I was glad to get this figure for sentimental reason as my memory of watching the WWF thinking they are so cool and later in life learned it was an entertainment act. However I am still thankful for those time to have such "real life super hero" to think how awesome they were.

Well I hope you are a fan of the Ultimate Warrior and if you are not and read this simple review, he is one good wrestler.

Is Ultimate Warrior cool or what?


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